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A chemical peel is a beauty treatment which involves the careful application of a chemical exfoliant to the epidermal layer of the skin.

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A chemical peel is a beauty treatment which involves the careful application of a chemical exfoliant to the epidermal layer of the skin. They are very effective specifically for the removal of superficial lesions, blemishes and fine lines; thus improving the texture of the skin. The nature of the compound, the concentration of the chemical and the level of time it is in contact with the skin will determine the depth of the skin penetration and the level of peeling. Chemical Peels are a cost effective treatment, which will improve the health and radiance of the skin.

Benefits of Chemical Face peels:

Chemical peels are typically used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance from wrinkly, blotchy, sun-damaged skin. In my experience, my favorite chemical peels are lactic, glycolic, salicylic and TCA. I use different strengths depending on the skin type, condition and the desired results. Mostly my patients don’t need down time and they can return to work the same day after the treatment is applied however some redness might be experienced for couple of hours to a few days.

Chemical Facial Peels Pre-Care & After Care:

  • DO NOT schedule a chemical face peel if you plan to get sun exposure within 2 weeks.
  • Stop using any retinoids or any other medicated exfoliants at least one week before getting a chemical facial peel.
  • Apply moisturizer and keep skin hydrated before getting this treatment done – it will help to improve and speed better results.
  • Apply the suggested aftercare product at home, and always apply a sunblock daily no matter how the weather looks like.
  • Remember that even on cloudy days, 80% of radiation and UV rays still pass through the clouds.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Do not work out or avoid exercising for the fist 24 hrs after procedure.
  • No saunas, no steam rooms at least for 48 hrs after procedure.
  • Use a gentle face wash only at night time and pad dry – If any skin flaking occurs do not pick it! apply moisturizer and let it heal.


  • Consultation :15 minutes.


  • Deep cleansing facial :50 minutes.


  • Oxygen Facial :30 minutes.


  • Microdermabrasion Facial :30 minutes.


  • Dermaplaning Facial :30 minutes.


  • Micro Needling(Collagen Induction Therapy): Prices include Peptides infusion and regenerating mask Full Face (4 areas). 90 Minutes

Promo:$580/session (Reg $800)

  • Cheeks Area :45 minutes.


  • Forehead Area :45 minutes.


  • Periorbital Area (around eyes) :45 minutes.


  • Perioral area (around lips) :45 minutes.


  • Neck & decollete :45 minutes.


  • Dark Spot :30 minutes.


  • Package of sessions: Buy 4 get 1 for FREE for any facial

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