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Your lips can be improved, making them look fuller, youthful and attractive.

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It is becoming more popular to get permanent lip color. It doesn’t’ only give you color back where your lips need it, but it can re-create the size and shape of your lips making them look fuller, youthful and attractive. Even though most clients want a natural looking color there are some who prefer bold and more bright looking lips, both results can be achieved without harsh looking lines.

This procedure helps to prevent makeup from bleeding into the surrounding skin and on your loved ones clothes and cheeks, it can also camouflage facial lines surrounding the lips as a result of aging or smoking. Note that immediately after the procedure all colors look very bright but within the first week they soften up to 40% the intensity and the final result will show.


(Price includes first visit & Perfecting session)

    LIP BLUSH (Includes 2 sessions)

    (the blended color is applied without noticeable borders and in degradation towards the middle of the lips for a volume effect making the lips fuller and symmetrical for a natural and refreshed enhanced look)

$725 + Tax

LIP FULL COLOR (Includes 2 sessions)

(when more saturation is desired for a lipstick look. More definition is added to the borders and color looks brighter than lip blush)

$875 + Tax


*(These prices apply during the first 3 years of your original procedure, if you wait longer than 3.5 years to touch them up then it will be full price)

Touch up Lips


*Please note that results with the art of permanent cosmetics vary from person to person. Everyone heals and retains pigment differently and additional follow ups may be required at an additional cost. Please read the FAQ section for more information.

  • 1. Some new procedures, such eyebrows, include a follow-up appointment within two months to enhance the initial design or color, please don’t wait longer or it would become a touch up service with extra fees.
  • 2. Touch Up/ maintenance on the eyebrows are required every 1-1.5 years to maintain the general shape and color. After 2 years, a full treatment is required.
  • 3. If you have rosacea/redness in your face and have thin or sensitive skin, you will not be a good candidate for the eyebrow procedure as your skin will not be able to hold much color due to it’s thinness and sensitivity. Multiple treatments may be required to achieve reasonable results with additional costs.
  • 4. Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to eyeliner or eyelash definition treatment.
  • 5. Eyelash growth serums such as Latisse must be discontinued for 1 month prior to treatment.
  • 6. If you have existing permanent makeup from another artist, I cannot perform new permanent makeup on your skin unless it is almost invisible. Otherwise, it is recommended that you remove the previous tattoo with laser tattoo removal. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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